Could wwii have been prevented

could wwii have been prevented A new book examines the involvement of jan smuts in the paris peace conference on 1919 it suggests that if the south african statesman had been listened to, world war two could have been avoided.

They may have been able to prevent the pacific war of world war 2 if they had lifted the oil embargo it could be the japanese military may have chosen to stop the invasion of other nations but that is still questionable. Anthony cain could world war ii have been prevented great britain soviet union suffered the most casualties out of world war i the failing war effort coupled with economic collapse spurred a revolution which forced russia out of the war after a civil war, a new communist government emerged and. The author selects an important issue (could world war ii have been avoided had churchill's advice during the appeasement era been followed) and examines in depth the diplomatic events of the era along with what churchill had to say about them at the time and later by focusing solely on this narrow, but important and complex issue.

could wwii have been prevented A new book examines the involvement of jan smuts in the paris peace conference on 1919 it suggests that if the south african statesman had been listened to, world war two could have been avoided.

Best answer: the short answer no not at all the us rose to prominence over the course of that war in many ways and for many reasons, but it was not there at the outset could wwii have been prevented possibly for that, i cite historian ajp taylor the difficulty that britain and france faced in 1938. Could wwii have been prevented topics: world war ii, nazi germany, germany pages: 4 (1499 words) published: april 17, 2004 during the early 1940's many european, countries and the united states, were recovering from world war i and the depression due to the fact that no one initially could or wanted to control hitler's dictatorial power. World war ii could have been prevented if the league of nations would have stepped in when adolf hitler was taking over territory if the treaty of versailles wasn't so hard on germany by blaming them on the cause of the war.

The debate over whether pearl harbor could have been prevented will surely rage on, as will similar debates over the terrorist attacks of 2001 whether or not roosevelt, short, or kimmel could have stopped japan’s assault, though, no one can contest the fact that they failed to do so the devastation of that infamous day is real and lives on. Perhaps, we could have been less harsh on germany after wwi, what with the war reparations and taxes, but i don't think the world expected such a poorly organized country, at the time, to rise up in power so quickly and take over half of europe after hitler took power, there was absolutely nothing we could have done he had a dream. And most people could see that once more than one country had nuclear weapons, it would become a race to see who could have the most, just as it had been with soldiers, ships, tanks, planes, and so on throughout all of previous history.

The nazis would have continued the war, but there would have been an increased chance of an early surrender (though, the regime would have undoubtedly been accused of committing a great war-like stab in the back) germany could have potentially avoided the cataclysm that was to befall them in the following months. Ww2 could not have been prevented with a national-socialist germany and fascist italy in europe existing that said, i think the war could have had a more favorable outcome for germany/italy than total annihilation. Could wwi have been avoided if the archduke had not been assassinated and if the first world war had been avoided, might the peace have held over the long-term without versailles, could hitler and the second world war have been avoided would the russian revolution never have happened and the cold war with it or are we. Could pearl harbor been prevented some people believe that the attack on pearl harbor could have been prevented from happening others believe that the attack was a surprise and that we didn’t see it coming actually pearl harbor could have been prevented in many ways and we did see it coming we just weren’t prepared if we would have. Wwii could have been avoided essaysafter world war i, the world was a chaotic muddle of unresolved issues including international distrust, resented economic hardship, and repressed feelings political conditions that existed after world war one created a tense atmosphere filled with international.

Short answer : nope the war couldn't be avoided right now, we could look back and say that, oh, this event could have been avoided but it would be the befitting the statement hindsight is 20/20. Yes the wwii could have been prevented to begin, if the treaty of versailles had not been so harsh, hitler may never have been able to rise to power in the way that he did next, if the united states had joined the league of nations, it would have been undoubtable a lot stronger after that, the european nations let hitler conquer. Re: wwii could it have been avoided originally posted by six stalin gave germany the all clear when in 1939 he signed the german soviet non-aggression pact and had intended on taking eastern poland and parts of finland after hitler success. To suggest a number of ways things could have been different might lead us even more to question the necessity, goodness, and justness of the war in ways that could lead us to reject the logic that links the “goodness” of world war ii to the need today to prepare for future possible “necessary” wars. Could world war ii have been avoided this guy is adolf hitler probably one of the most known historical figures of all time many would argue that it was he alone who caused the outbreak of war in 1939, but other preceding causes, and even our own actions led us to another global conflict (only 20 years after the end of world war i.

Draft of march 8, 2018 word count: 14,467 chapter 2 the war in iraq could have been prevented — part 1 the parties stalking me also stalked the us by deceiving us to invade iraq in their pursuit of an agenda for greater israel. The war could have been avoided and should have been as it brought nothing but misery and left ruin in its wake for almost everyone involved whether the different courses of action detailed above would have prevented further warfare entirely is a debatable point all depended on the actions of japan and it was almost. Transcript of could the united states have prevented world war ii hitler's actions in 1933, adolph hitler became chancellor of germany in 1934, he increased the size of the army, started building warships, and created a german airforce let's see could the us have prevented world war ii in 1939, a. Undoubtedly there could have been policies by the us and europe that prevented the war\n \nif the treat y of versailles had not been so harsh towards the germans and better economic planning had managed to prevent the great depression, then maybe how you would have done that is another question.

  • Though some might say that hitler was too strong to be stopped even in the early stages of war, they do not recognize the fact that the world war could have been prevented by removing hitler from power they would say that world war was inevitable because of the amount of support hitler had gained in such a short period of time he was able to.
  • It has been, in the other answers, suggested that if treaty of versailles could have been less punitive for germans, or the wwi could have been avoided, then the wwii could be avoided to occur in the large scale it came to affect europe however, i think, large scale war could be avoided only if great britain and france had not taken tough.
  • Had britain and france been stronger in their resolve against germany in the 1930's they could have easily prevented world war ii as noted earlier brittain and france were terrified of mussoline's italy and hitler's germany working together this could have been easily avoided all together if utlizing the league of nations britain and france.

Next, i think if the us had prevented the munich agreement, and if hitler had invaded czechoslovakia in october 1938, she wouldn't have had to actually field any forces within czechoslovakia since war would have likely been declared on germany by france, britain, and russia in response and, czechoslovakia's defenses could have. , page 00016 the new york times archives to the editor: ''did we have to drop the bomb'' by gar alperovitz (op-ed, aug 3) suggests that it might not have been necessary to drop the atomic bomb on hiroshima and that gen dwight d eisenhower, supreme commander in europe, also advised the allied powers not to. But we have been long enough in france to have caught the frenchman’s infectious love of his country and his hatred for the boches and i decided then that if only france could be saved, if only the germans’ wrongs could be avenged, i would gladly endure the discomfort, fears, and hardships of war for five more years when we enlisted it was.

could wwii have been prevented A new book examines the involvement of jan smuts in the paris peace conference on 1919 it suggests that if the south african statesman had been listened to, world war two could have been avoided.
Could wwii have been prevented
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